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My first one fell apart in the wash because of my shoddy sewing! I bought 5 yards each of two coordinating fabrics (actually 7 of the one I used for the quilt backing) and made fitted sheets, top sheets (it was for a toddler bed), and a pillow case for each set, then used the rest for the quilted part – but I would probably get an extra yard of each just to make sure you have plenty.When you’re ready for the next number or bullet, press Enter without the Shift key.I did these, but instead of sewing a casing and threading elastic, I sewed foldover elastic over the edge.The Fridge is the best way to preserve things.

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Thank you for sharing this tutorial! My first thought when I saw the minky crib sheet was, "Ohhhh, I wonder if I could make one for my queen-sized bed?".MINECRAFT BUILDING TUTORIALMINECRAFT TUTORIALSURVIVAL MINECRAFTMINECRAFT LETS PLAY.I am making the sheets for my two year old grandson.8 meters squared to centimeters squared = 80000 centimeters squared.sooo, somehow i managed to make this too long!! grr!!what is the best way to shorten it?should i take it apart and redo two corners?.[…] corners in the final steps, but it all came together very nicely and it looks great.I'm just wondering.

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It looks like this (or the state of Utah): Then before cutting anything out, you can fold your fabric into fourths, lay that on top, and easily cut it out.I discovered your shop through her blog and didn’t know I had a great fabric resource so close! I look forward to visiting your shop this Summer.That will make more sense once you start cutting things out 🙂.Thank you.When we would visit pelope out of town.The charmingly old-school space is bedecked in nautical-inflected blue and white decor and neon signage outside.Either way, why settle for the crib sheets they have in stores when you can have something better?.

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In practice, crib sheets get soiled almost every day, as most babies throw up small amounts of milk from time to time, or after a messy diaper.As I left the baby with my husband I headed in the direction of the sewing room instead of the laundry room.It’s not to read too much into, I think.Sep 27, 2013Check out this easy and fun video of how to make a crib sheet for your baby.In addition, the mattress should not be thicker than 6 inches.bought it on craigslist and painted it yellow.I used to do a lot of stretch sewing (bathing suits, etc.

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How brilliant is that? I could tell from the one sheet we’d been given that this would be a cinch and even faster to complete than the fitted sheet.I want to make crib sheets for my great-grandson, only I don’t really sew.I’m finally (Finally!) getting around to nursery sewing, and item numero uno is fitted sheets for the crib! Thanks for the links, and I’m bookmarking that fitted/flat sheet combo for about two years down the road 🙂.Take the elastic and safety pinit to the back end of a plastic straw, and then run the straw through the casing pullng the elastic behind.Luckily though, I soon met Craig Rusbult.

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These fit well, wash well, and I made all of his sheets in coordinating fabrics to the crib quilt I made.I don’t know if you figured your question out, but if not, that’s an easy adjustment.Map #127 is the center map.Fold the rectangle in half vertically and press the fold.When you unfold your fabric, it will look like this:.Yay!! Loved this tutorial!! Made a perfect turquoise minky crib sheet in just under 90 minutes from tutorial search to completion!! Very easy to follow, and now my little guy has the softest sheet around 🙂 Thanks, Heidi!! You are awesome!!.Sew with a 5/8″ seam allowance to create corner seams.

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